Welcome to Lenwerx Software & Media

Lenwerx was founded in 2010 for the purpose of creating a new kind of custom development company. Since day one, Lenwerx has focused on agility, flexibility, and dynamic solutions to customer needs over traditional profit driven development models. This had lead to incredibly high customer satisfaction and a dedicated customer base in the software world. Lenwerx also refuses to be defined by one specific business segment, operating successfully in the media realm recording, producing, editing, and online content ranging from digital video to books.

Our Features

Custom Software Development

Lenwerx was founded around the need for custom software development with exacting requirements. Our custom software solutions are truly custom, not simple "customized" existing platform projects.

Digital Video Media

Lenwerx has several pilot projects in the digital video realm spear headed by efforts on YouTube. These projects have allowed us to begin defining our own approach to digital video production. Whether it is in support of training materials for a software project or to assist in a marketing effort, we have the tools.

Subscription Software Solutions

An ultimate goal of Lenwerx was to eventually use the software creations in niche sectors to benefit the larger majority. Custom software is expensive, but that does not mean the lessons can not be made available to majority through distributed cost systems.


We work directly with you, the customer, to meet your specific IT needs. All work is done in the United States by trusted industry professionals with many years of experience. Our commitment is to your satisfaction. In order to meet this commitment we will work with you one on one to accomplish your goals and provide you honest project expectancies and cost analysis. Unlike many faceless entities, we strive to keep you working with representatives you have worked with in the past, allowing a much more personal relationship and deeper understanding of your needs.

Let us give you the technical edge you need at a price that is right for you.

Why clients choose us?

LENWERX is a modern technical company. We save overhead by limiting our use of traditional methodologies such as labor intensive call centers so that we may pass the savings on to you. This also allows our staff to be available 24/7 to answer questions and comments via email or contact form.


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